Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, Russian Orthodox Church

Theological Discussion

Presenter: Gennady Baksheev,
Subdeacon, Holy Protection Cathedral - Melbourne,
Doctor of Philosophy (Forensic Psychology)

The developing adolescent human brain: a period of vulnerabilities and opportunities

Summary of talk: The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It is involved in our thoughts, memories, feelings, actions and experiences of the world. The human brain undergoes constant growth and changes until the mid-20’s. Despite being an astonishing organ, it is however susceptible to damage. The focus of this talk is centred around understanding some of the common triggers that inflict damage on the brain. This includes some work that suggests that screen time, such as watching TV, has a negative effect on the brain. Substance misuse problems can also reshape the brain, and lead to undesired consequences. One such consequence may be offending, and I will present some findings from a research project that I undertook with police cell detainees. This point us in the direction to achieve the best possible upbringing for Orthodox youth, as Orthodox adolescent human brains are subject to the same influences as the rest of the population.

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